A Stop At Ex-J (Urban Wear in Rome)

Rome’s winter sales (saldi) continue and are a highlight of many travelers making their tour through Rome’s cobblestoned streets. With so many wonderful items on sale, the choices may seem endless–at least, that’s how I found it be while making my way to Giolitti on Via Uffici del Vicario.

Still, there was one store that caught my eye: EX-J.

To be honest, I’ve walked on Via della Maddalena many times over the fours years that I’ve been here, but never really paid any attention to the shops because of my allergic reaction to clothes shopping and spending money.  Thus, I had never heard of the EX-J brand before.

However, I couldn’t help but stop when I saw a very unique piece in the window…and what was more it was on sale for 70%  off (final price 19.90€).

Urban, modern, and trendy are the words that come to mind to describe everything I saw in the store.  I had the fortune to speak with fashion designer and store manager Ileana Licari, who shared with a bit about the store.

Started by Lello Colella, EX-J is an Italian brand with more than 20 years in the fashion industry.  The brand specializes in jeans and fleece (sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.) as well as other items, such as the cloak/jacket featured above, for womenswear and menswear.

The store creates a fun and friendly atmosphere via its staff and music selection. Also, there customer service is phenomenal. There was a steady stream of customers, but still they managed to take care of everyone and even took the time out to speak with me.

EX-J seems to reflect the new Rome, one that I see changing to embrace diversity, whether in its people or in its fashion.

 Find out more about EX-J on Facebook or by visiting their website.


I’m glad I took this little detour!

Remember, sales only last for so long.

Why not save 70% at EX-J or someplace else?


  -Article & Photographs by  Diedré Blake

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