How Did Rome Welcome Italy's New President? In Between the Rain & Fancy Dresses at The Quirinale: Teas, Chocolates & Wine!

Italy welcomed its latest president, Sergio Mattarella, this past weekend.  Over the thousands of clicks from flashing cameras and reverberating microphones, Mattarella delivered a fateful oath, swearing his duty to the Italian Republic and declaring himself to be the “impartial arbiter” of a state that needs is in dire need of a confidence boost.

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While the press waited with bated breath for this historic transition that signaled the beginning of seven years for the former Minister of the Prodi government, many others were preoccupied with the various outfits being worn at the political parterre by those who served as spectators of this great inauguration.  Given this high focus on fashion, it only speaks to the fact that we’re Italian!

There was great respect and approval given for the sober black robe worn by Maria Elena Boschi.  Other styles were of a more random nature that reflected well the diverse landscape of the Italian political universe.  For example, the Italian right-wing members tended to opt for casual solutions, including some in jeans, unlined jackets to accompany (more often than not) red ties.  The center-left continued the sober and respectful tone, wearing the typical official dark blue, in deference to the classical appeal of the austere elegance of President Mattarella.  Brisk, youthful and irreverent are the adjectives to describe the outfits of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), who were boldly led by Luigi Di Maio, Vice President of the Chamber, sporting “electric blue”.

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Although this momentous occasion was at hand, many Romans seemed oblivious to it.  The heavy rains of the past weeks have left many desiring solely to return home to the warmth of their rooms, where they can read books or tweet pictures about another gloomy day…not that this kind of weather should be a surprise.  Beyond the reading and tweeting, many take to enjoying company…not of friends, but of a cup of herbal tea, or a mug of hot chocolate, or even better a glass of wine.

Necci Al Pigneto. Image from Gillian’s List. Click to visit their site.

Seeking a way to enjoy these wet days? Check out Necci al Pigneto, Grandma Bistro in the neighborhood Quadraro, and the Locanda Ariocace near Piazza Sempione.  Three new ways of seeing Rome, less known and even more fascinating than most. Let us know how it went!

Article by Samir Hassan

(Translated & Edited by Diedré Blake)


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