How to Travel Like a Local with MindtheGuide: A Guide to Rome

Welcome to MindtheGuide‘s Travel Blog! We are a networking hub that connects travelers to independent tour guides.  Based in Rome, MindtheGuide collaborates with licensed tour guides, who provide tours around Rome, the Eternal City.

Our key philosophy centers around the word choice, because we believe that travelers deserve to choose not just their tour locations, but also those who will lead them.

Tour Guide Ferdinando Badagliacca leading a group in the Roman Forum

Tour Guide Ferdinando Badagliacca leading a group in the Roman Forum.

The MindtheGuide Blog is our space to share with you our intimate knowledge of the city of Rome, covering travel topics, such as places to go, places to eat, and historical facts about the Eternal City.  Still, that information is pretty easy to find.

What we really offer is local insight, i.e. how to navigate the city like a local, e.g. dealing with transportation, culture shock, and language challenges.  You’ll learn about the places residents frequent, local events, and even things like what to do in case of an emergency.

Our aim? To keep topics real, fresh and relevant to your traveling needs and interest in Italian culture.

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Beginning Saturday, Oct. 18 2014 

Inside the Pantheon

Inside the Pantheon

Meet Some of Our Tour Guides 


Dario Andreucci, Archaeologist

Dario Andreucci, Founder of MindtheGuide, Archaeologist & Tour Guide Extraordinaire

Dario began MindtheGuide because he recognized a problem with the tour industry: the lack of choice in the touring experience.  Also, he recognized that there was a need for a supportive peer community for tour guides in and around Rome.

Seeking a solution to these two issues, Dario decided to create a direct link between travelers and tour guides, allowing travelers the choice to choose who they wanted alongside where they wanted, but also allowing guides to freely present themselves in a distinctly unique and human manner to their potential tour members as well as be a part of a like-minded community.



Arianna Fusco, Archaeologist

Arianna Fusco, Archaeologist, Educator & LicensedTour Guide

Born and bred in the Eternal City, Arianna focuses her love for the city and for touring, offering tools to those she meets on how to “live a Roman experience,” even if just for one day.


Ferdinando Badagliacca

Ferdinando Badagliacca, Archaeologist

Ferdinado BadagliaccaArchaeologist & Licensed Tour Guide.

Hailing from Sicily, Ferdinando has made Rome his home for over a decade, and has excavated in some of Rome’s most popular sites, including the Colosseum and the Palantine.


Jowita Ludwikiewicz, Art Historian and Sommelier

Jowita Ludwikiewicz, Art Historian and Sommelier

Jowita Ludwikiewicz, Art Historian, Sommelier & Licensed Tour Guide

Jowita traveled all the way from Sweden to live out her dream of being immersed in Italian culture. From monuments to food, Jowita’s commitment to Roman culture is evident in every tour she gives.


  -Article by  Diedré Blake

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