Valentine's Day in Rome: 3 Ways to Spend It!

If the Eternal City is par excellence and your love worthy of eternal promise, then being here on February 14th will be one day in which you cannot help but to get lost in they eyes of your partner as you wander through the streets of Rome.

Image by D. Blake

Image by Diedré Blake. Click to visit her site.

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Rome cradles you, Rome the dreamer, Roma ora et labora (“Rome pray and work”) as sings the Estuario, a fantastic Roman band, but also Rome is a city of a thousand nooks and crannies of love: from the Spanish Steps to Villa Borghese, from the Roman Forum to streets of Monti, Trastevere and Testaccio.  Who could ask for more for Valentine’s?

Well, we have 3 ideas.  Three tantalizing ideas to suit every taste to help you celebrate this day of love.

Classic Romance

Image from Five Star Alliance

For those of you who are into the more traditional/classic approaches to romance, we invite you to considered a romantic evening at the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, a “natural chic” 5-star hotel, located in a quiet corner behind the Roman Villa Borghese, and set in a sumptuous 19th century palace.

Before taking one of the 100 rooms, or suites, available at the hotel, check out its restaurant, La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge, elected in 2011 as the best Terrace Hotel in Europe. There you will have a magnificent view of the dome of St. Peter’s and enjoy the succulent offerings of chef Giuseppe D’Alessio.

Roman Brunch

Image from Lanificio. Click to visit their website.

Looking for something a bit more relaxed and even more Roman? Why not leave the center and head south-east to Pietralata, home of vintage-pop, Il Lanificio. For Valentine’s Day, there will be an assortment of goodies for couples to enjoy: tables overlooking the Aniene, laden roasts of pata negra, eggs and bacon, veal meatballs in sauce, vegetables of many varieties,  and, for those with a sweet tooth, cakes, pancakes, as well as  caffè americano and espresso.  What to do? Choices, choices. 😉

Well, first thing’s first: call and reserve your spot for a romantic brunch.

Chocolate Romance

Finally, we invite you to give into the temptations of SAID, a former chocolate factory that was founded in 1923. Located in the heart of the popular university neighborhood, San Lorenzo, SAID uses its history as a factory to reinforce its decorative choices: renovated tools now serve as furniture, and its large factory windows serve as a frame for the vibrant neighborhood outside.  Huge black and white prints cover the walls, and patrons can capture a glimpse of its wine cellar and cast a longing eye at chocolates and delicacies on display.

The video above (in English) tells the history and transition of the factory into a modern-day dining establishment.

A Little History

Image by Diedré Blake. Click to visit her site.

Image by Diedré Blake. Click to visit her site.



Surprise your partner by bringing these three ideas together to create an unusual and unforgettable experience throughout Valentine’s Day!

Of course, like other holidays or celebration, Valentine’s Day’s history is rooted in pagan times.  During those times, this type of celebration recalled the ritual of the Lupercale that relates to the famous twin brothers Romulus (founder of Rome) and Remus and the she-wolf that cared for them on top of the Palatine Hill.  In 496 AD Pope Gelasius I replaced the Lupercale with celebrations that honored Valentine da Terni, patron saint of lovers.  Ever since then February 14th became a symbol of  mutual love…

In short, Valentine’s Day is approaching…I recommend treasuring and enjoying it.  And on February 15th (the day of the Feast of San Faustino and the single), think back on how beautiful it was to celebrate your love in the Eternal City.

Article by Samir Hassan

(Translated & Edited by Diedré Blake)


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