Baths of Caracalla Revisited

Last fall, we featured one of our tour locations as a blog post: the Baths of Caracalla.  Perhaps not has popular as the Colosseum, Roman Forum or Vatican, the Baths of Caracalla remains a monumental and awe-inspiring structure. As we draw closer to the warmer spring weather, Mind the Guide invites you to take a look at our Rome tours, especially the Colosseum ad Baths of Caracalla Tour as well as the Underground Colosseum Tour.


With this weather, there is one site that you should visit while you have the chance: The Baths of Caracalla (Le Terme di Caracalla).

The Baths of Caracalla, ~AD 216

The Baths of Caracalla, ~AD 216

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Feeling the Halloween Spirit? Halloween Events Around Rome for Children and Adults

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be wondering where you can go to celebrate this spooky event in Rome.  Below is a list of both horrific activities to terrify you throughout this ghastly weekend.

Halloween Events for Adults

Circolo degli Artisti

Poster image from Circolo degli Artisti:

Poster image for Santa Muerte: Circolo degli Artisti:

This year Circolo degli Artisti celebrates Halloween with a Mexican flair.  Event features DJ sets in two rooms, spinning everything from the 80s to hip-hop to electronica. Come dressed for the event, and you can have your picture taken as well as be entered to win tickets for a concert.  Ticket Price: €8 (advanced purchase) or €10 (at the door) | Location: Via Casilina Vecchio, 42 (Bus #810). Doors Open: 9:30PM.

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Superstition in Ancient Rome: Crossing the “Bridge of the Dead” (10/31-11/2)

Ponte Sisto

Ponte Sisto. Click the image to learn more about our Rome Walking Tour!

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October 31st to November 2nd marks a span of time that most Italians view with superstition.  It is known as the “Bridge of the Dead,” beginning with Halloween and ending with the Celebration of the Dead—a 72-hour period steeped in occult tradition, stemming from ancient Roman history.

Lost souls, the dead returned to life…masks, witchcraft, nursery rhymes and much more: are they really dark magic or mere superstition?  Or are they simply old wives tales that contain a grain of truth from some forgotten time?  In Rome, with its worshipping of ancient gods, there has always been special attention paid to these dark tales.

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