The Other Roman Art: Our Top 5 Places to View Street Art

Leaving aside the politics of whether to call it street art or graffiti, 2014 was a great year for Rome’s alternative art scene.  Both Italian and international street artists have made the Eternal City their latest canvas for cultural and self-expression, and many of the city’s more residential neighborhoods.

In the recent years, websites that represent the street artist community, such as Street Art Roma, Street Art News, and 999 Contemporary Street Art, have emerged and are growing in popularity, giving new understanding to the art form by creating educational dialogue.

Where to Find Them

(Watch video to see street artist Etam Cru creating in Rome)

Garbatella | Ostiense | Piazza di Spagna

Testaccio | San Lorenzo


Renown Street Artists

Image from Article “Ancient Graffiti to Street Art: Rome Tells Its Story. Click image to read the article.

Baglione | BluBorondo  | C215 | Gaia

 Agostino Iacurci | LucamaleonteOzmo | Alice Pasquini

JB Rock | Sten&Lex |  David ‘Diavù’ Vecchiato


  -Article by  Diedré Blake

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